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Bulk Delete plugin

PLUGIN? ‘Bulk Delete’

What a wonderful time saver this plugin is. There was over 1400 user accounts (spammer bot created accounts) and as I started to delete them, it was going take forever.

A quick search in the plugin-search box turned up this little gem

Bulk Delete user-accounts

Deleted 1400 user accounts

And in an attempt mitigate further automated account creation,  the ‘Restrict Usernames’ plugin (with a criteria that is difficult) has been installed to stop this activity.

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unwanted traffic

Found this little extract on Telstra’s website – It seem very mundane, and boring – until you realise what these policies mean for ever-day usage of the Internet (if you managing a mail server), .. and we all like our email-system(s) / inbox to be clean. Below is a small segment from Page 5 of 7

If you find this text (below) interesting, … you could read this wonderful document in full by downloading from this url –

 + unwanted traffic +

~ unwanted traffic ~ CLICK this image, it will open this image (by itself) full-size in your browser (If your interested in that sort of thing) - I think the bit in RED is the best bit, ...

6. Ensure your system does not allow unwanted services to the Internet

Ensure mail relay is not allowed by your mail system

Email spammers search for and use computer systems that allow mail relay. They send bulk mail another’s mail server. Not only does this present a cost but also increases the risk of being “black holed” thus not being able to send legitimate Email.

NOTE: To comply with the Telstra Internet Direct AUP, you must disable open mail realy function on any mail server on any network connected to your Telstra Internet Direct Service.

Ensure “Open Socks Proxy” is not available via your system

There are a number of viruses, worms and Trojans that seek and/or install open proxy services on systems. Once the attacker has gained access, the system can be used to send spam, with the result being similar to that of “open mail relay” above.

Some operating systems allow open proxy by default. A good firewall policy can reduce the risk of an attacker using an open proxy in your system.

Systems that have been compromised using an open proxy method may have other back doors installed. It is best to seek expert help in the elimination of back doors on systems. Ensure your site is not listed as being open proxy on any “black hole lists”, as being listed will attract more attempts to use your open proxy service.

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Project for tomorrow -(expand source)-

Work through this tutorial –

Another? – (related-info-source) here –

UPDATED – 5:05pm Tuesday 30 Nov – Maybe Saturday might allow (time) for this project to be completed then.

 ~ Superuser ~

+ Visit Superuser + Click this image +

UPDATED – 8:55am Sunday 12 Dec – It has taken some time to get back to this little project, .. (Here goes)

The first thing when using these (two) plugin’s – # SyntaxHighlighter Evolved -&- # Visual Code Editor – is that you MUST use the HTML-Tabbed-Page to enter the underlying ‘short-codes’.

Expand the code; – From a previous post -> Kubrick theme – (customised dtab plugin) <-

[sourcecode language=”php”]
if (function_exists(‘dtab_list_tabs’)) {

OK – Its 9:17am – Got the SyntaxHighlighter working – And that looks fantastic, with the the code box collapsed, (click the plus (+) symbol) – ALSO visited url –

I get a sneaking suspicion, .. (Only need SyntaxHighlighter?)
There MIGHT be an easier way (method) to do this, … (LIKE; – requiring only one (1) plugin).
Some experimentation -/- testing is required to confirm this.

While doesn’t allow you to use potentially dangerous code on your blog, there is a way to post source code for viewing. We have created a shortcode you can wrap around source code that preserves its formatting and even provides syntax highlighting for certain languages, like so:

UPDATE-FINISHED – 9:45am – Time for Sunday breakfast – and consider an appropriate image for this post

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“” (an empty string)

“” (an empty string) – googled? – (answer=yes)

+ null_object-211 +

~ null_object ~ CLICK this image to visit the url that it came from

~ null_object-211 ~

In today’s web development world, we’re all doing something along these lines, whether we know it or not. Download a new WordPress theme? Make sure you’ll filled in all default arguments. Using a CMS at work? Make sure all your image URL fields are validated. It’s frightening easy to end up with this bad code on your page

Well the real reason for this post is to provide a link to url – – Which provide some MORE useful hints for the keen (amateur) web-developer.

Especially when they to point to something that I might be interested in LIKE *.css –

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Why FAKE emails – provided by spammers –

I have attempted to email you a number of times.
I have changed the “FW” (Forward) – to a “directly-sent-email” to confirm/check that my eMail system, is NOT the problem.
You have provided me with a FAKE eMail address.
Below is some of the email-delivery-FAILED, … messages

Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender.

 + spamblocker +

~ spamblocker ~

SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>:
host []:
550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try
550-5.1.1 double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or
550-5.1.1 unnecessary spaces. Learn more at
550 5.1.1

WHAT is curious, .. is “WHY” -???- checking the url provided by this commenter/spammer, … – ( – you find a professionally -and- beautifully crafted website, … It make non-sense, … unless the idiot-spammer – simply promotes pages for others.

+++ +++ -[]- +++ +++

THE CONTEXT – (This “Reply-To-Commenter/SPAMMER) –
POST-TITLE; – *.css –

+++ +++ -[8:45 AM 29/11/2010]- +++ +++

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Dynamic Related Posts -[Plugin]-

The plugin namedDynamic Related Posts – is working,-

It was installed recently, .. and having coding-stuff to configure, seems overly-complex, and initial impression was that it simply was not working due to needing more configuration, … so promptly forgot about its existence (It seemed to be doing nothing), .. until ‘extra-links’ started to appear, only on some posts. Those links have a formatting/syntax with numbers (and dots) appended, .. so I know it is not something that I have put there. I thought nothing more about it.

Today – It has registered with me, .. what is going on, (that plugin is working) – without me having to configure anything, (other that click ‘install’).

ONE-THING: – Just like the “info-box” plugin, .. the ‘extra-links’ only appear IF you are viewing “that-post” – ie, you need to click the title/heading of the post to see “only-that-post”.

CLICK THE HEADING – (If you would like to see related-posts on the GRD-blog)

 + Click Post Heading +

~ Click the Post-Heading ~

The creator of this plugin is clever – when you view the post by itself – (ie, not the ‘front/home’ of GRD-blog) – you will find the following text, .. (and hyper-link) at the bottom of each/every post.

Learn to make money online in one hour visit: Make Money online. – via-url – – For now, I like the functionality this plugin provides, so it can stay.

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Computer ports -(Serial)-

While most new computers sold in 2010, will not have serial -/- parallel ports, you might wonder why serial-ports might be of interest. Most industrial automation still use the RS-232 and RS-485 protocols for network communications, monitoring and control systems, (amongst others).

Not claiming to be an expert of these technologies, just a keen interest in placing industrial-hardware, .. juxtaposed with consumer-grade electronics.

pinouts serial port

+ pinouts serial port +

Found this nice simple explanation of ‘computer-ports’ – (Esp serial-ports) in, ..

SOURCE – Chapter 22 How Computers Work – (Millennium Edition)
Author – Ron White | Illustrated by Timothy Edward Downs
PUBLISHED: – First Printing: September 1999 –

Historically, the serial port is the jack-of-all-trades among computer components. It is simple in concept: one line to send data, another line to receive data, and a few other lines to regulate how data is sent over the other two lines. Because of its simplicity, the serial port has been used at one time or another to make a PC communicate with just about any device imaginable-from commonplace modems and printers to plotters and burglar alarms. And while it may be slow compared to a parrallel port, a serial port is fine for modems, that can only push signals across a telephone line serially, and for a mouse and digital camera, which dont need to send large quantities of data.

The serial port of often referred to an an RS-232 port. RS-232 is the Electronic Industries Association’s designation for a standard for how the various connectors in a serial port are to be used. But the fact that both 9-pin and 25-pin connectors are used as serial ports shows that we still have a long way to go before settling on exactly what constitues an RS-232 port. One of the drawbacks to both parallel and serial ports is that, for practical purposes, you’re limited to having two of each. The serial port functions are likely to migrate to the Univeral Serial Bus. The USB allows dozens of devices to be daisy chained from a single port.


+ pic-serial-port +


NOTE-1; – Click PLC (Programable Logic Controllers) – for related post in this category

NOTE-2; – the images (If clicked upon) – open in a new window (Or tabbed-page) where-upon those images were sourced.

A programmable logic controller (PLC) or programmable controller is a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or lighting fixtures. PLCs are used in many industries and machines. Unlike general-purpose computers, the PLC is designed for multiple inputs and output arrangements, extended temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise, and resistance to vibration and impact. Programs to control machine operation are typically stored in battery-backed or non-volatile memory. A PLC is an example of a real time system since output results must be produced in response to input conditions within a bounded time, otherwise unintended operation will result.

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_wp formatting

A Question: – LIKE this – (From ‘a commenter’ on the GRD-Blog)  “e-mail me with a few suggestions on just how you made your blog look this excellent?”

Firstly – Thanks for saying it looks “this excellent” – prompts me to recognize the average user is not familiar with the basics of web-design (HTML) – and so content-management system LIKE wordpress and other’s abound.

I keep this blog -/- formatting as simple as possible using only a small number of the button’s on the kitchen-sink, see image – Add-New-Post-1.jpg (below).

I use only the following: –

#1: – Using the HTML-Tabbed page, and the tag – “blockquote” – (As displayed in the image “Add-New-Post-1.jpg” below) – This tag has the effect of the little-grey-vertical-line, and indents all the text inside the start/end tags known as “blockquote”

#2: – The wordpress-kitchen-sink – Visual-Tabbed page, (this mode of wordpress will not display the underlying HTML-coding, … HOWEVER – it is limited, and not always responding as it should, hence the need to understand HTML-Basic coding to “Format” your webpage -/- blog.

IMAGE-1: – Add-New-Post-1.jpg –

Using blockquote-TAG

~ Using blockquote-TAG ~

Mixing images with text – can sometimes be a problem – HENCE- I switch between the two-modes – Visual -&- HTML – so that I can place the flashing-cursor “Where-I-Want” – (use HTML tabbed-page)

IMAGE-2: – Add-New-Post-2.jpg –

 + The Kitchen-sink +

~ The Kitchen-sink ~

OTHER STUFF – (Might be helpful)
Googled – wordpress kitchen sink

Visit the wordpress development site – (Lets not do that, it seems to complicated) – Go-Here;

Google-search – html reference

Site-Point – (HTML reference) –

All-Keen – (Wanting to get a handle on HTML – well start here)

To get MORE info – email me; – info[@] – (removing the square brackets)

Updated – 11:55pm Mon 15 Nov 2010 – (Found dtabs link in comment-responses) –

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e bomb

One thing lead’s to another: – (Watched Die hard 4.0 in TV-Channel-10) – One of the main characters -(a hacker) – used this term, .. ‘e bomb’ to describe something LIKE an email-spamming-porn-advertisement-inducing-vomit-viagra-enlargeYourPenis-YouHaveWon-ClickHereNow-Endless-Bar-age-Virus-/-Worn-Laiden-Opps-ISpeltSumFinkCorrectly-infection-compromise(ing)- e bomb

Googled e bomb – (and got some interesting response -/- links to followup) – only IF your interested in that sort of thing, … well – why would you be? – anyway – here it is!

#1: –

#2: –

#3: –

NUMBER-3: – (I just wanted to list the sequence of links that lead me to this url) – AND – copy -/- paste the complete post below ~ (To make some sense of what might me considered trivial) –

alt = 191_odigo

~ 191_odigo ~

(6:00 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Two Hours Before Attacks, Israeli Company Employees Receive Warnings

Two employees of Odigo, Inc., an Israeli company, receive warnings of an imminent attack in New York City about two hours before the first plane hits the WTC.

Odigo, one of the world’s largest instant messaging companies, has its headquarters two blocks from the WTC.

alt = 220px-Wtc_arial_march2001

~ 220px-Wtc_arial_march2001 ~

The Odigo Research and Development offices where the warnings were received are located in Herzliyya, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Israeli security and the FBI were notified immediately after the 9/11 attacks began. The two employees claim not to know who sent the warnings. “Odigo service includes a feature called People Finder that allows users to seek out and contact others based on certain interests or demographics.

[Alex] Diamandis [Odigo vice president of sales and marketing] said it was possible that the attack warning was broadcast to other Odigo members, but the company has not received reports of other recipients of the message.” [Ha’aretz, 9/26/2001; Washington Post, 9/27/2001] Odigo claims the warning did not specifically mention the WTC, but the company refuses to divulge what was specified, claiming, “Providing more details would only lead to more conjecture.” [Washington Post, 9/28/2001]

However, a later newspaper report claims that the message declared “that some sort of attack was about to take place. The notes ended with an anti-Semitic slur. ‘The messages said something big was going to happen in a certain amount of time, and it did—almost to the minute,’ said Alex Diamandis, vice president of sales for the high-tech company… He said the employees did not know the person who sent the message, but they traced it to a computer address and have given that information to the FBI.” [Washington Post, 10/4/2001]

Odigo gave the FBI the Internet address of the message’s sender so the name of the sender could be found. [Deutsche Presse-Agentur (Hamburg), 9/26/2001] Two months later, it is reported that the FBI is still investigating the matter, but there have been no reports since. [Courier Mail, 11/20/2001]

Entity Tags: World Trade Center, Odigo Inc., Israel, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Timeline Tags: Complete 911 Timeline, 9/11 Timeline


~ E-bomb_exitmundi_nl ~

Oceans 11 (Which version?) – Also made reference to emf – (e bomb) – maybe, … a MORE technically accurate scenario – [NOTE -/-Disclaimer ; – These movies are fictional]

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