Configure Drupal Logon



Would like to make changes to the "landing-page", .. CHANGED TO? - Dashboard

The current logon is defined in the address bar as
However, .. this is the "HomeTABBED" menu-link? - Which is really displaying the video gallery project and article content.

SPECIFICALLY - Control where the user lands when they logon.
I understand there might be MANY ways to go about doing this.
This project is specific to learn about using / adding the ability to logon to a specific url?
Which might include the url ?q=user (
OR, Using the block called "eleven"? (or is that ?q=crimson).

PROJECT? "Drupal Logon"
Project Started Today? - 11AM Wednesday 22nd July 2015

Settled on "Dashboard"


BOTH seem to work, .. (Maybe I had browser password cache on) - Depending on which browser might be used at the time.

AFTER LOGOFF - (And discovery that the "logon dialogue box" is no longer available)
The Chaos Tools, .. provided a way to bring up the logon dialogue box, ..

WHAT CAN ANONYMOUS DO? - (Should I be concerned?)
Seems that the automated backup (Node-squirrel) uses the anonymous account.

Might turn off that "Create Account" option that was enabled earlier today, .. (All Done)

Screen-Dump? - 0000_1010_Anonymous_activity.png

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