Basic page to test superfish menu, .. (THAT is the primary objective!)
And placement of said superfish menu?
And, hopefully some clue, .. breadcrumbs on how to go about repeating such pages, ... (In a repeatable, predictable manner!)

Seem like scope creep is normal - (focus on TEST, superfish menu).

Might have to edit some of the drupal menu object directly
SCREEN-DUMP-REF? 0100_Basic_page_superfish_MENU_list_expectation_IsWRONG.png

HAVE IDENTIFIED - (How to change the menu gwc - superfish menu!)


CREATE submenus - (Under Node 103) that is the question?
Could probably do THIS under the existing "Home-MENU-with-FANCY-purple" colours! (Will try that!)

Want to add "menu-Clonezilla" into where node 103 currently is, ...
Will have to experiment some more! -


The screen-dump shown - with the superfish hightlighted is not really demonstrating anything - (other than the point in time when I realize how I might configure some submenus under 'a' parent menu.

A BETTER SCREEN DUMP IS NEEDED - (to reflect the next learning project, ... with regard to menus, blocks, & superfish-MENUs)