Tier 5 Launch Dell Modular Data Centre

Tier classifications

Harris Corporation earns Uptime Institute Tier III Certification

Harris Corporation Cyber Integration Center earns Uptime Institute Tier III Certification for its mid-Atlantic cloud computing data center. This video showcases Harris' data center and concurrently maintainable components that earned it Uptime Institute's Tier III Certification.



Level 3 San Francisco Data Center

Peering 101

Level 3 versus Comcast peering dispute

DNS + ubuntu server

RECENT PROJECTs - (List youtube VIDs reference)

VID-1 DNS server configuration on Linux UBUNTU 14.04

VID-2 Ubuntu Server - How to set-up DNS Server using BIND9 on Ubuntu Server 14.04

Both video above used to successfully resolve DNS forward-lookup, name to ip resolution using ubuntu server (with virtualbox + ubuntu server 14.04)


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